BBC Three’s Stacey Dooley: Ready for War? – When is it on TV?

Her latest effort for BBC Three is called Stacey Dooley: Ready For War? which will cover an interesting topic.

Hidden in a secret location in England, Dooley was given access to the British Army’s combat programme, which is shown training Ukrainian civilians to fight the Russian invasion.

It will follow the squad from the moment they land on British soil as well as the five weeks of gruelling training to get them prepared.

In a summary posted on the Radio Times, it read: “Stacey Dooley follows a group of Ukrainian civilians as they arrive in the UK for five weeks of intensive army training before deployment to the frontline fighting against Russia.

“Among the group is florist and gardener Mykola who wants to join his family members on the frontline and fight towards victory so he can marry his girlfriend.

“For Pasha, a welder who was living abroad when the invasion began, he fears going into battle means never seeing his parents again.”

When will Stacey Dooley: Ready for War? be on TV?

The documentary will air on BBC Three at 9 pm on Wednesday, April 12 and it is already available on the BBC iPlayer.

Stacey Dooley gives thoughts on filming documentary

In an interview with the BBC to promote the documentary Dooley described it as a “fascinating” process.

She said: “For me, what makes this documentary fascinating is the fact that these men we are following are civilian individuals with no prior experience in terms of military life or war. 

“It’s literally like your own boyfriend or brother being asked to step up and fight the Russian army on the frontline. It’s an unimaginable task. 

“I was keen to follow these guys and this training process as I’m genuinely curious how you try and prepare a florist to change his entire identity essentially, and equip them to kill the enemy.  That’s such a monumental shift. 

“Plus, I always appreciate spending time with ordinary people, who have found themselves often unwillingly, in extraordinary situations.”

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