Cost of living: 5 spring cleaning musts that could save you almost £2,500

Many people sweep through their homes indoors with a spring clean, while neglecting the exterior, then come to regret it within a short time.

So here’s what you should be doing now to avoid professional repair costs, according to the experts…

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1 Clearing debris from your guttering will save you £980

As well as causing damp problems with built-up water seeping through to internal walls, a large gathering of moss, leaves and other debris can cause the guttering to break completely. An average gutter replacement can cost around £700 and damp-proofing internal walls can cost up to £280 per wall.

2 Pressure washing the exterior of your will house will save you £597

Depending on your property, it is recommended that you clean the exterior of your home every two years to help prevent moss and algae growing, which will also protect the siding and paintwork.

Cleaning can also save you money when compared to exterior painting, which can rack up huge costs. If moss is left to grow, it can spread up the side of walls and in severe cases, even cause the roof to lose its structural integrity. Use a pressure washer to clean the outside of your home, or opt for a specialist for around £597 who can professionally clean the external brickwork of your home.

3 Inspecting your loft insulation will save you £350

As well as retaining heat during winter, having good quality insulation can also help to keep your home cool in the summer months. With the rise in energy bills, it is worthwhile using springtime to inspect your loft insulation to ensure that there is enough insulation material and no gaps which can lead to cold spots. Depending on the type of insulation you require, a professional installation can cost £350 but can be saved if you do it yourself.

4 Removing moss and weeds from your outdoor paving will save you £300

Neglecting the weeds and moss on your outdoor paving or driveway can cause the roots of the weeds to grow underneath the paving stones and result in unsightly cracks. Remove the weeds by hand, use a liquid weed killer on stubborn weeds, and clean with a pressure washer – or invest in professional cleaning which can cost £300 for a medium-sized driveway.

5 Wiping down your exterior window and door frames will save you £225

The dirt and grime build-up from the harsh elements over winter on exterior door frames and windows can cause premature fading and discolouration in extreme cases. This can be remedied by removing loose dust and dirt before wiping down the frames with water and dish soap. Older wooden frames on exterior doors may require a full repaint which could cost around £225, so keep them in top condition with regular cleaning.

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