Has your water bill gone up? We’re here to help

While everyone’s been at home more, we’ve all been using more water – your bill may have gone up as a result.

To help you keep your bills down, here are some everyday ways you could save water this spring – along with how we can help if you’re struggling to pay.

Save money while it’s sunny

When the sun is up, nobody wants to shrivel in a steaming bathtub. So why not trade your bath for a short shower? You’ll use half as much water, which could save you around £50 a year.

Nothing beats a cuppa when you’re cold. But as the days warm up, your tea-round is probably getting smaller. If you’re popping the kettle on, only boil what you need – you’ll save water, energy and time.

Watch your savings grow

For many of us, spring is the time to get gardening. If you’ve got a green thumb, choose less-thirsty plants from the Waterwise plant guide. As well as saving, you won’t have to remember to water them as often!

If you have a garden, your hose can splurge enough water each minute to make 80 cups of tea. Swap yours for a watering can and smile about the £300 a year you could be saving by gently sprinkling your plants. Better still, collect rainwater in a water butt and water your garden for free.

No garden? No problem. If you’re brightening up your living space with indoor plants, they’ll love water leftover from washing-up, cooking or the pet’s bowl. For extra savings, take a bucket in the shower to catch water for your leafy friends.

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Make the chores work for you

If you’re spring cleaning, remember to leave the laundry and dishes till you have a full load. Skipping just one load a week could save you £7 a year – what better excuse to put your feet up?

While you’re scrubbing the bathroom, check your taps and toilets for leaks. Testing for a leaky loo is easy and could save up to a litre of water a minute. Meanwhile, fixing a dripping tap could spare up to a bathtub a week and save you £7 a year.

If you’re struggling, we’re here to help

If your circumstances have changed, we know a higher bill is the last thing you want to see. If you’re still worried about how you’ll pay, we can offer you a range of financial support.

We already help over 118,000 customers with their bills. If you’re struggling, please call us for free on 0800 027 0363 to find out what support we can offer you.

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If you’re feeling inspired, discover more tips about how to save water in and around your home.

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