How your fun in the sun can benefit everyone

Now the weather’s getting warmer and people can meet up, you may be looking forward to spending some time outside. Whether you’re enjoying your garden or one of the South East’s many beauty spots – here’s how you can make the most of the outdoors, while helping to keep local taps flowing and the coastline clean.

If you have a garden, you’re probably looking forward to topping up your tan, preening your plants or getting the gang round for a barbecue. But before you switch on the sprinkler or fill up your pool, there’s something you should know.

The South East is a water-stressed area, which means we need to work hard to keep your taps flowing. If we all use water wisely, we can make sure there’s enough for everyone. Luckily, using less water will keep your bills down at the same time – so everyone benefits when you use less.

Here are some simple ways you can enjoy the garden while making sure there’s enough water to go round:

  • Water by can – rather than splurging 16 litres a minute with a hose or sprinkler, use a watering can to gently shower your plants and you could save you up to £300 year. Better still, water your garden for free by collecting rainwater in a water butt.
  • Leave your lawn – lawns go brown in dry weather, but they soon bounce back after rainfall. So, you don’t need to water them in between. You could even trim your lawn slightly longer so the roots have some shade – this’ll keep your lawn moist for longer.
  • Paddle responsibly – do you plan to use the pool to keep cool? Give it a little top-up each day instead of refilling it every time. When you’re done, give the plants a drink with what’s left over.

It all makes a difference. For more ideas, check out our tips to save water in the garden.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stretch your legs, you’re spoiled for choice in the South East. Our region is home to over 700 miles of coastline, two National Parks, four Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and some of the world’s rarest chalk streams.

But when the sun’s up, the beach is the place to be. The great news is that bathing waters in our region have never been cleaner in recent times. We’ve invested millions of pounds to make sure they’re of the highest quality.

If you’re heading to the seaside, you can help us keep them that way – it’s simple, just:

  • Bin your litter – before you go home, remember to gather up your rubbish. It only takes a minute and will save your litter polluting the sea for hundreds of years!
  • Pick up after your dog – animal poo often contains lots of bacteria. If it gets washed into the sea, it can affect the quality of the bathing water. That’s why you should always pick up your dog’s poo, bag it and bin it.
  • Don’t feed the birds – when gulls flock for your scraps, they tend to poo too. Nobody wants to swim among bird muck, so please keep your chips to yourself.

Small steps like these can make a big difference to the Beauty of the Beach.

Following these simple tips will help us make sure nobody’s fun is cut short by a water shortage – and keep our region’s beauty spots spotless for a long time to come. So you can feel good about doing your bit while you enjoy the great outdoors!

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