Noise cameras set to be introduced to ‘catch rowdy drivers’

Transport secretary Grant Shapps is set to introduce noise camera in order to catch “rowdy drivers” as he declared that he wanted to “banish the boy racer”.

His department has invited MPs to enter a competition to find the noisiest streets in England and Wales amid concerns about the impact on residents from motorists revving engines and using illegal exhausts.

Four areas will be chosen to take part in a £300,000 trial of innovative noise cameras.

New Highway Code rules introduced in UK in 2022

Police have the power to fine drivers who flout noise rules, but struggle to gather evidence.

The cameras can automatically detect when vehicles are breaking legal noise requirements.

They will be able to provide real-time reports to police, which could result in more targeted enforcement.

Preliminary testing showed the technology can identify individual vehicles in certain circumstances and assign noise levels to them.

Mr Shapps said: “We want those in Britain’s noisiest streets, who are kept up at night by unbearable revving engines and noisy exhausts, to come forward with the help of volunteer areas to test and perfect the latest innovative technology.

“For too long, rowdy drivers have been able to get away with disturbing our communities with illegal noisy vehicles.

Redhill And Reigate Life: Grant Shapps is determined to crack down on noise pollution (PA)Grant Shapps is determined to crack down on noise pollution (PA)

“It’s time we clamp down on this nuisance, banish the boy racer and restore peace and quiet to local streets.”

Exhausts and silencers are required to be properly maintained, and not altered to increase noise. Non-compliance can lead to a £50 on-the-spot fine.

The DfT said research has linked long-term noise pollution to physical and mental health problems such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and stress.

People living in deprived areas are up to three times more likely to complain about noise than those in less disadvantaged locations, according to the Government’s recent Levelling Up White Paper.

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