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As it hots up, people naturally want to use more water at home – but to help keep supplies running, please be considerate and only use what you need

Our teams work hard to keep your taps and toilets flowing 24/7, but the past few months we’ve seen demand increase as we’re all using more at home. As temperatures rise again, we need your help to make sure there’s enough water to go around, and safeguard supply for the essential things like, hand washing, cooking, bathing and health needs.

When it’s hot, we all need water to keep hydrated and stay cool, that’s a fact. The problem for us is that if everyone turns on their hoses, sprinklers and fills their paddling pools all at once, we struggle to make sure there’s enough water being treated quickly enough to cope with demand.

That’s why we’re asking you to only use what you really need this summer.

Why save water after such a wet winter?

It’s true – the UK had one of the wettest Januarys and Februarys on record. Thanks to all that wet weather reservoirs in the South East have enough water ready to be treated. But the current issue is not the amount of water available to us, it’s getting it from the reservoirs to taps via treatment works quick enough!

A lot of work happens to get water from the source to your home. If people use too much, too quickly, demand can outweigh supply. With so many people at home at once, the hot weather on top of lockdown has put extremely high pressure on water companies’ to try and keep up.

In lockdown, water use went up

During lockdown, people in the South East have been using up to 20% more water than usual. We’ve responded by putting extra water into supply each day – enough to make everyone in the USA a cup of tea! That’s on top of the usual amount, which is already enough to make a cuppa for half of the world’s population!

During the recent hot weather water use has hit some really high peaks. With hot weather due to continue, meeting the demand will be a real stretch – unless we can persuade people to use a little less.

When it’s hot, water use soars

While you enjoy the sunshine, here are a few simple ways you can help:

  • And relax: Skip those non-essential water-intensive chores like washing cars, patios and windows.
  • Sweat it out: Save the shower until after your workout. Remember, keep it to four minutes and you could save a tenner on your yearly bill too.
  • Stay cool: Give the paddling pool a little top-up each day instead of refilling it every time – and remember to sprinkle the used water around your garden when you’re done.

For more ways to save water visit: southernwater.co.uk/how-to-save-water.

A summary

Thanks to the wet winter, there’s currently no water shortage in the South East. However, water companies are working hard to keep taps and toilets flowing after demand spiked during lockdown. They’ve succeeded so far. This summer, you can help by using water wisely. Together, we’ll make sure demand can be met at all times.

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